Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#Tuesday20 ~ The Navy's Ghost by Siobhan Muir

The Navy's Ghost
The Bad Boy's of Beta Squad
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A SEAL is strongest with her Team…

Ensign Christiana "Ghost" Brickman is the only female SEAL to survive BUD/S training, a real Navy Jane. But when an ambush ends her career as an active SEAL, she’s free to pursue other interests. Like her two best friends Lt. Jim "Retro" Waters and Chief Warrant Officer Todd "Magic" Hunter. She's wanted them for over a year, but never dared to approach them while in the squad.

Retro has fought his dark desires since high school, certain the need to share a woman unnatural. Magic had never considered sharing before Ghost mentions it, but it solves his dilemma of choosing between his best friend and his woman. But Retro balks at Ghost’s offer to share and retreats from both when she marries Magic.

Everyone feels Retro’s loss, but he ignores the ache of their broken connection in favor of living ‘normal.’ When Ghost and the other wives of Beta Squad are kidnapped, Retro must reevaluate how much both Ghost and Magic mean to him. And he must decide how far he's willing to go to save the woman he loves, before she becomes the Navy's ghost.

1st 20 sentences ~

Her silent footsteps passed by dark walls as shadows flickered. The contact beckoned her squad into a larger side room, waving frantically.
Warning twitches came too late. Muzzle flashes cascaded from all corners like fireworks, and pain seared her left thigh.
Shouts, shots, and pounding feet filled the broken silence. Her view shifted as she fell, agony stripping away coherent thought. A face appeared, features blurred by dark paint. Magic?
His lips moved but no sound hit her ringing ears. Stay with me, Ghost.
Flashes of gunfire illuminated the intense expression he wore when something went wrong, but he only had eyes for whatever he worked on and something behind her. Someone grasped her under the arms and dragged her out of the melee.
She stared up into more worried eyes. Retro?
Stay with me, Ghost. She read his request from his lips.
Can you hear me, Ensign?
She shook her head and tried to flash a thumbs-up.
“Ensign, can you hear me?”

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#Tuesday20 ~ Dulce Isle by Loc Glin

Dulce Isle 
The Mystic Museum 2
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Adrian Asorio can't seem to move on after the death of his beloved wife Angelina. While trying to fill the lonely hours in his empty life, he discovers Minerva's Mystic Museum. A painting of a female artist painting a nude male model fascinates him. He finds himself thinking about, and wanting, the male model. He begins to question his sexuality.

Adrian is chosen as this full moon's mystic walker. He is transported to Dulce Isle where he meets Jon and Rosa in the flesh. Adrian must confront his newly discovered sexual orientation and overcome the guilt he feels.

Rosa DeVario and Jon Balentine shared a life with Rosa’s husband, Leon. When Leon died, both were heartbroken. Without Leon as their common denominator, Jon has reverted to his "loving men only" lifestyle, leaving Rosa without a partner.

Will Adrian's arrival on Dulce Isle be the answer that mends three tattered and broken lives? The universe has provided the opportunity…Adrian's heart holds the key.

1st 20 sentences ~ 

     Minerva watched the middle-aged man leave the seat he’d occupied each day for the past six months. His tortured and confused soul touched her even without the full moon’s light. Maybe this full moon he will be chosen, she thought.
     Six months ago Adrian discovered Minerva’s Mystic Museum. He’d started to spend his lunch hour there. Better there than in his lonely apartment. For many years his wife, Angelina, had his lunch ready and waiting for him in that apartment. They lived in a rent-controlled building just a short subway ride from the bakery where he worked. The museum was within walking distance of the bakery. Recently he’d begun to grab something to eat from a vendor on the way to the museum. Angelina would be rolling over in her grave. She’d been proud of her home-cooked healthy meals. He didn’t give two shits about what he ate now. He didn’t care about his health since he’d lost her. She was a statistic now, just another number added to the long list of nameless numbers that heart failure had claimed.
     She’d gone quickly. At least he hoped she hadn’t suffered. He’d come home for lunch one day and found her, dead on the kitchen floor. He could still feel the shock of that discovery, the wrenching pain, and the ensuing numbness. She was too young to die.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#Tuesday20 ~ Cursed Awakening by Nikki Noffsinger

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Cursed Awakening

Ivy Morgan has re-invented herself and is looking forward to the future for the first time, in a very long time. Since fleeing for her life from an overzealous religious cult, she is able to be a modern woman that is gaining her independence; so taking up with a sexy stranger named Nyx is the last thing she needs. Or, is it?

Nyx Wahpeton can’t stop thinking about the young woman he’s met. It couldn’t have come at the worse possible time with the clans meeting and his family wrapped up in a centuries old war that’s nothing short of what horror movies are made from. He’s been a protector of his people and those that reside at the Reservation. There’s betrayal and evil at his front door; but, in his heart he knows Ivy is the one for him. She’s surrounded by secrets that he’s vowed to unlock, as well as her heart. However, can he keep her safe from his own secrets?

1st 20 sentences ~ 

     “Miss, you’ll need you to fill out this form and sign here…and here…and this page here.” The clerk at the town hall instructed the woman who had come to have her name formally changed.
     The woman was in her mid-twenties and couldn’t seem to sign the papers quick enough. She looked simple enough in a pair of jeans and a Hello Kitty t-shirt that seemed a little too tight. Her auburn hair was to the middle of her back and she had on light make-up. The woman had a black leather, Emily the Strange backpack hanging off her shoulder and a pink beaded stud collar around her neck. The clerk did a double take when she had walked in with the papers from McGee’s law office. They just didn’t get too many people that looked like this woman and the clerk hoped that the lady didn’t stick around long around.
     The young woman smiled as the clerk notarized and affixed the state stamp on the documents. Officially, Anya Louise Pascal was no more! This made the death of her old life or rather existence null and void! She was now and would forever be known as Ivy Rayne Morgan. Ivy had spent a lot of time with the help of Terrance McGee and Lorna Vest creating a new identity that would launch her into her new life; a life that included freedom! She’d never be able to repay Terrance or Lorna for what they had done for her but they had explained that was their job. The old woman handed her the papers and Ivy clutched them to her chest. In a few days she would be starting college classes at the local community college and her new job at a local diner. Ivy nearly skipped out the doors of the city hall.
     Lorna was waiting for Ivy outside leaning against her minivan. Ivy waved the papers as she descended the steps of city hall with a huge smile on her face. Lorna was in her late thirties and tough as they come.