Friday, October 11, 2013

#BlogHop Slippery When Wet

Thanks to Hennesse Andrews for organizing this hop!

Slipper When Wet implies a lot and can hold so much meaning! The first thing that comes to mind for me are hot summer days, then of course there is frolicking in the hot tub and not to mention the all important tube of lube! *winks* 

Here's a peek at my newest release,
Predestine (Z Pac Alpha Shifters 2)

“Mmm…that’s it.” Riker dropped his head back and pushed his hips more forward. Then he looked back down and asked, “You want to hear what I’ve been thinking about at night?”

While Riker continued to gently fuck his mouth, he continued to massage the back of Slade’s scalp. Unable to talk, Slade nodded his head in answer. He wanted to hear it all. Anything and everything that Riker thought of, he needed to know. Because whatever it was, Slade would give it to him.

“So many things, Slade. I imagined so much. All the different ways I could take you. All the different ways you could take me. I imagined different positions, different angles. Different places while you and I fucked one another over and over again. All that mattered was that it was with you. Only you. Fuck, but I’ve wanted you so damn bad.”

Slade looked up at him. Through watery eyes he tried to tell Riker how much he wanted him, too. His words came out as mumbles as he fought the battle between his need for Riker and his need for oxygen.

“What’s that, baby?” Riker gently rubbed his hand along Slade’s jaw line and caressed his cheek.

Begrudgingly, Slade released Riker from his mouth and licked his taste from his lips. “I want that, too. All of it. Everything you said and more.”

Riker offered a sexy grin. “Do you want to fuck me?”

Slade’s words caught in his chest. It would have been so easy to say yes and admit his true feelings, but he felt frozen as he stared up into those magnificent eyes that seemed to put him under a spell. Did he want to fuck him? Hell yes he did, but he wanted so much more than just a fuck. He wanted all of Riker. He wanted his heart, his soul. He wanted to mark him for his own, so no one dared to go near him ever again.

“Hey…” Riker lifted his chin. “What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?”

Slade shook his head in answer. “No. Not at all. You said everything right. I do want that. I want you. I want more than you may realize.”

“Maybe we both want more. Maybe you should just take whatever you want,” Riker suggested.

The idea filled Slade with mixed emotions. Happiness, desire, and possessiveness consumed him all at once. He cocked up an eyebrow and looked up at the beautiful man who stood before him. He wondered if Riker was serious, or if it was merely a playful challenge. Whatever it was meant as, Slade was done being passive. Riker told him to take what he wanted, and he intended to do just that.


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  2. WOW...loved the excerpt! Am loving this blog hop! Have found so many new to me authors that my wish list is overflowing! Thanks for being a part of it!

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  12. Ooh that excerpt is sexy and romantic. I'd love that book!

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