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First Submission Anthology: To Love, Honor, Obey…and Trust by @Starla_Kaye #Erotic #Anthology

First Submission anthology
Collection of eleven contemporaries, erotic, D/s stories by different authors. Stories include To Love, Honor, Obey…and Trust; Whatever It Takes; The Initiation; An Anniversary Gift for Emily; The First Time…Again; Kneel; A Little Submission; Subdued by the Lifeguard; A Valentine’s Surprise; Her New Life; and Eternal Submission

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R Excerpt from “To Love, Honor, Obey, and Trust”
The whole day had been a waste of time. Abby hadn’t accomplished much of anything. She sure hadn’t finished the project that was now past due. Thanks to her husband. From his peculiar announcement before he’d left the house, to the shocking texts, to the outrageous demand he’d made over the phone, he’d made it impossible for her to think about what she needed to do in the office.
She glanced at the monitor and heaved a sigh of defeat. It was time to admit that all she’d done was almost screw up the design plans for the website she’d already spent far too much time building. Before she made it even worse, she closed the file.
Her entire body felt sensitized. She’d spent most of the day sitting at her desk very aware that her bottom was bare beneath her skirt. She didn’t have to do as Todd had told her to; he wouldn’t have known if she’d lied to him. But she’d obeyed him because…well, just because.
The experience—all of it—was so outlandish. Having the man she’d known for so long suddenly show another side, a compelling dominant one, had surprised her. Excited her. Talking about spanking her, burning her bottom. Telling her to remove her panties while here in her office. Thinking about all of that, all day long…It sure had gotten her out of the grumpy mood she’d been in. He’d been right about that.
Heart racing with thoughts of the evening ahead, she shut down the computer and hap-hazardly straightened her desk. She grabbed her purse and headed out of the office, unconcerned about leaving early.
“I may be in late tomorrow,” she told the receptionist, who gave her a puzzled look. She didn’t owe the woman an explanation, and she didn’t know what to say anyway. But she’d never been spanked before and she didn’t know what to expect, how she would feel. She also didn’t want to think about that too much.
The drive home was odd, too. Probably she shouldn’t have been that aware of not wearing panties, but she was. It seemed like the air blew up from the vent between her legs even more than usual, feeling strange, naughty. Like her. She’d been naughty, behaved badly enough that her husband was going to punish her.

Professional Bio-Short: Starla has published 86 romance titles, including contemporary, historical Western, Regency, Medieval, paranormal, sci-fi, and GLBT. Her stories always lean toward the sensual side of romance, some even erotic. Whatever happens within her stories, the characters face difficulties between the outside world and each other. They always manage to find love and respect for one another.

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