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First Submission Anthology: Whatever It Takes by S.K. Fero #Anthology #Erotic @sk_fero

First Submission anthology

Collection of eleven contemporaries, erotic, D/s stories by different authors. Stories include To Love, Honor, Obey…and Trust; Whatever It Takes; The Initiation; An Anniversary Gift for Emily; The First Time…Again; Kneel; A Little Submission; Subdued by the Lifeguard; A Valentine’s Surprise; Her New Life; and Eternal Submission

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R Excerpt from “Whatever It Takes” by S.K. Fero
“I’ve gotten on your last nerve, haven’t I?” His gut tightened as he waited for Alan’s response. His promise to do whatever it took to make this work played over in his mind. He meant it, too. Even if he would be leaping far outside of his comfort zone.
“I can’t deny that.” Alan walked over and stood in front of Jake, looking down, frustration in his dark brown gaze. “I don’t want to—”
“Give up on us,” Jake interrupted. He glanced down at his bare feet and then up again. “Neither do I.”
When Alan remained quiet, studying him, Jake grabbed onto his courage and said, “What if…” He hesitated. Could he actually say the words? Actually take this step?
“If?” Alan prodded.
Even standing there stiffly, frowning with impatience, Jake wanted to jump his bones…or have him jump his bones. Without a shirt on, Alan’s muscled chest drew his attention. His friend owned a high-end residential construction company. But Alan spent almost as much time hauling heavy lumber around, nailing framing together, and even roofing as anyone on his construction teams. All of that physical effort showed, including scars from this or that accident. He longed to get horizontal with the man again, to run his calloused hands all over him. But they had to deal with this problem first.
Jake held Alan’s gaze and refused to back down from his decision. “What you mentioned that one time. That Dom/sub matter.” He blew out a breath. “I’m willing to talk about it.”
One of Alan’s dark eyebrows shot up. “We’re both pretty dominant men.” Still, it was obvious the idea appealed to him.
“True, but…” Jake hesitated, quickly mulling it over again. “But I think I can handle the lesser role, sometimes. Particularly if it will make you see how bad I want to keep whatever this is that we have.”
Alan crossed his arms, squared his shoulders. “If we try it—and I’m not agreeing to that without some thought, I will clearly be in charge. You would do as I told you. You would not try to negotiate with me.”
Oh shit. This sounded a hell of a lot more serious than he’d thought. Once more he wondered if he could do this, give over control to another man. But as he looked at the darkly handsome man watching him with intense eyes, he also saw the strength of Alan’s feelings for him. There’d never been anything soft and easy about the way they made love to each other. Their kisses alone had the power to leave him panting, aching. Yet he knew to his soul that this man would never really hurt him. Maybe cause him a little pain, at least he assumed there might be some of that in bdsm play. He could deal with that. He could not deal with losing Alan without giving it his best shot.

Bio: S.K. Fero, S.K. Fero has published 6 romance titles, including contemporary, romantic suspense, sci-fi, and GLBT. Her stories lean toward the sensual-erotic side of romance. She writes mainly as Starla Kaye, with over 80 published romance titles.

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