Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Colors of The Rainbow Blog Hop hosted by #MFRW

 Welcome to The Color's of The Rainbow Blog Hop hosted by MFRW! 

This is my very 1st hop with the wonderful guys and gals of Marketing For Romance Writers, but I am so excited about it!

The colors of the rainbow are beautiful in any setting, but this hop got me thinking of how those pretty colors became such an important part of the GLBT community. After a little research I found that the connection of those colors with the Gay and Lesbian community originated when the "Rainbow Flag" was designed by a San Franciscan artist, Gilbert Baker. While the design was originally introduced in 1978 and has undergone a few revisions since that time, it is now used worldwide as a symbol of pride for those who are proponents for GLBT rights and advocacy of such.

Since I am a big believer in the old saying "The Heart Knows What it Wants" as my banner states, I try to write couples who invite us into their world of love and romance. For this hop I will be choosing 2 winners for their choice of an eBook of any of my current releases which can be found here: So don't forget to leave your name and email address below! :-) 

Here is a sneak peek at my upcoming release, Shepherd's Bliss [Rocky Mountain Manhunt 1] which becomes available, Monday, June 24th. 

PRE-ORDER! This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 1st.

For the past year, Jake Shepherd has tried to move on with his life since the man he loved walked out on him. Finally on the right path, he no longer aches for his lover and is looking forward to his future.

The past year turned out to be anything but what Matt Jorgensen had anticipated. In his quest to better his life and find self-worth he realizes he’s made the biggest mistake of his life. Going back home to try to right his wrong wouldn’t be easy, but he vowed to try.

When Matt strolls back into Jake’s life, a firestorm of emotions explodes between the two men. Amidst the betrayal and hurt, lies an unrelenting love that refuses to go away. As they rekindle the fire they thought had blown out, a danger lurks in the surrounding mountains, threatening their lives and love forever.


John blew out a breath and gave Jake a somber look. “The ahh…sheriff’s here.”

“Yeah? And?”

“He’s not alone,” John answered.

“What do you mean he’s not—?”

Jake wasn’t able to finish his question. It was stolen from his thoughts just as quickly as his breath was.

Standing in the doorway next to the sheriff was Matt Jorgensen, the sheriff’s brother, the man who left this town a year ago and never looked back. The same Matt who he’d fallen in love with and who had completely broken his heart. 

All eyes had shot to Jake. He could feel them just boring a hole right through him. His face flushed as he looked at Matt. His jet-black hair was longer. Obviously he had done away with the buzz cut that Jake used to give him every Saturday. A few loose strands of wavy curl fell on his skin-tanned forehead.

There was probably something he should say to break the awkward silence which surrounded them, but he was coming up blank. Even in the dimly lit room he could see Matt’s striking green eyes staring back at him. He hated how much he still missed the vibrancy they held. So many nights he had stared into those same eyes, and now they stood across a room from him, looking back as though the past year had never happened.

He looked entirely too good for a man that Jake swore he’d never allow into his life again, much less his fantasies.

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