Friday, February 7, 2014

Desperately Seeking an Alpha Blog Hop

Hi everyone! Welcome to my part of the Desperately Seeking an Alpha Blog Hop brought to us by Sam Cheever!

This is an adult - erotic romance blog & post

In this stop I wanted to introduce you to Sebastian Montgomery, the wealthy CEO in my recent release, Serving Sebastian who knows what he wants and has no problem taking it! Even if that means crossing the lines between business and pleasure.

Below is an excerpt of Sebastian when he's taking what he wants, but don't forget to scroll to the bottom for your chance to win a pretty cool prize!

Sebastian leaned forward until his lips were nearly touching Lucas’s. “Tell me, Lucas. If you could do anything in the world right now, what is it you would like to do?”

Lucas turned his head and whispered into Sebastian’s ear. “I’d rather show you than tell you.”

His cock twitched in his pants at the memory of how good it felt to have Lucas’s soft lips wrapped around his dick. He had sucked him off so eagerly that just picturing it again was driving him crazy.

Sebastian moved in closer and placed his lips at the lower tip of Lucas’s earlobe. With soft whispers he answered, “Show me then. Show me what you want.”

“I want this, I want you.” Lucas reached his hand down and began rubbing his hands against the fabric of Sebastian’s trousers.

He could feel the long fingers of his assistant grasping at his cock. His blood was racing through his veins, causing friction to his already heightened libido.

“You want me, huh? You want this hard cock? Are you sure?” Sebastian reached down and unfastened his belt and trousers until they hung on his hips. He then traced a line along Lucas’s lower lip with his fingertip before sliding it inside his mouth.

Lucas wrapped his lips around Sebastian’s finger. His eyes closed and a moan escaped him while Sebastian worked his finger in and out several times, mimicking exactly what he’d like to do with his cock.

“There…you like to suck on things don’t you?” he asked.

Lucas opened his eyes. They did the talking for him as he stared back at Sebastian with intent.

“Yeah…I can see how bad you want it.”

Sebastian took his finger out and brought his hand down below. He slowly unzipped his pants until the two sides parted open. His cock poked at his silk boxers, which were decorated with a liquid stain of his pre-cum. He slid his fingers into the waistband of his underwear and pushed them down to his thighs.

His cock plopped free and jutted out into the open. It throbbed in anticipation of what was to come. He could barely stand waiting for the sweet feel of Lucas’s tongue along his engorged flesh.

“I think you should suck on this. Show me how bad you want me. Prove it to me.” He taunted even more.

Lucas seemed visibly shaken, but not in a bad way. Sweat beaded across his forehead in the temperature controlled office. His eyes glinted with a desire that magnified what Sebastian remembered seeing last week, and his voice trembled as he began to speak.

“Jesus, I want that so fucking bad.”

A pleased smile formed on Sebastian’s face. He always had a dominant streak to him that was hard to contain, but Lucas seemed to enjoy it. There was something powerful about being able to have a lover submit to his desires.

Sebastian stepped a few feet away. He was becoming more excited by the second and could already feel his climax knocking on orgasm’s door, ready to crash the party. He needed to gain his bearings and get a hold of himself.

He turned and sat down in his large leather chair. The feel of cool leather hit his ass cheeks and jolted his senses. His balls relaxed a little from the sudden change in his body’s temperature and he slouched back in the seat. He then spread his legs and with nothing more than his eyes motioned for Lucas to kneel before him.
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  1. So sexy. I want more! ;)


  2. I forgot to announce the winner of the hop. It was Ashley!