Tuesday, November 1, 2016

#99cents New Release Dark Whispers by Megan J Parker and others #PNR #Shifters #Romance

Dark Whispers: 
Thirteen Paranormal Romances with Seductive Vampires, Sexy Shifters, Dominating Witches, & Wicked Things That Hide In The Shadows

S.E. Babin  (Author), Eileen Cruz Coleman  (Author), K. De Long (Author), Josie Jax(Author), Joanne Wadsworth  (Author), Megan J. Parker  (Author), Decadent Kane (Author), Mary Hughes  (Author), K.N. Lee  (Author), Shelley Munro  (Author), Tasha Gwartney (Author), Melanie Tomlin  (Author), Nicole Morgan  (Author)

This set also includes: Fighting for You
by: Megan J. Parker
Paranormal Romance

Natasha Rusakov has a dark secret.
And as secrets have a way of doing, it’s complicating her hopes at having a normal life. However, when your father’s the head of the Russian mafia and your life is in constant danger, normalcy is far from the norm. It’s only after she meets her father’s prized fighter that she discovers that some secrets are worth keeping.
Nikolai knows he’s only a possession.
Having been saved and raised by the head of the Russian mafia, Nikolai has accepted his place in society. Now, he is a cold and ruthless killer and feels nothing, no hope, and no love.
That is, until he comes face-to-face with Natasha and finds something more worth fighting for.


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