Sunday, July 7, 2019

Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling. Check out Adrienne Blake's story, The Necromancer's Curse #SoulsandShadows #PNR

Including The Necromancer's Curse
by Adrienne Blake

Out there is a tome to save her. Or destroy her.

After beheading the arch vampire Micah and laying his evil to rest, Holly George thinks her troubles are over, but no. They are just beginning. She may not be undead, but her cells are changing, and she is human no more.

Raised a good protestant, she is terrified of her new inner witch. Unable to embrace this new power, Holly and her wolf shifter lover Noah return to Misty Cedars in search of an ancient tome. The tome reputedly has a spell that can restore her humanity, but she is not the only one seeking its wisdom.

Sue, Micah’s vampire lover and a necromancer in the making, hides in the shadows, watching. If she finds the book first, Holly may lose more than just the power inside her. She may lose her soul. Forever.

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