Friday, February 14, 2014

You're Just My Type ~ #MFRWAuthors #Heart2Heart #GLBT Blog Hop

Last year I was separated from my honey on Valentine's Day due to his work. Since he is usually a very romantic man, I look forward to special days like V Day. Sadly, his work kept him away and me all alone. :-( So, I curled up with a glass of wine, a book and forgot about the outside world. I was reading for about an hour when the phone rang. Since the hubs was working late I hadn't expected to hear from him, but at around 8 o'clock he called and asked what I was doing. I told him I was reading and enjoying a glass of wine, but wished he was there with me. He apologized and asked if the book was any good. It wasn't bad, but I was feeling down and not really feeling the story. So, I responded with a "not really". He asked why, since he knows I love to read and can get lost in almost any story. It hit me then, and I responded quite honestly with, "these guys in the book aren't my type. You are."
He sort of chuckled and teased me for being mushy, but what had said was completely true. No matter how much I love the males in my books, none of then can hold a candle to my guy. Because, he's just my type!

Take a peek at my newest release, Fifteen Year's Later and leave me comment below with your email address. And once you're done hop on over to some of the other cool stops in the hop! It's that simple! A winner will be drawn on 2/17!

Will the danger destroy Peter and Dex? Or will they be able to salvage what they walked away from fifteen years ago?

Peter Collingswood was a successful businessman. He and his father had built a lucrative empire together. His life was rich with opportunity, and he wanted for almost nothing. Except for one man who had haunted his dreams since a summer night fifteen years ago.
Dex Henry was an uncomplicated man who lived his life simply. His bank account was as modest as they came. Still, despite his lack of money there was nothing that he wished for. Except for the one man he knew he could never have.
When a tragedy in Peter’s family brings him back to Crystal Cove, he finds himself face-to-face with Dex once again. As the spark they once shared reignites neither of them is aware that a threat lurks in the surrounding forest. Will the danger destroy them both? Or will they be able to salvage what they walked away from fifteen years ago?
"..So much time had passed since that humid August night that in some ways he wondered if it had even been a memory or just a fantasy that he’d conjured up in his mind.."

Watch for the prequel to Fifteen Years Later,
coming to you FREE from Man Love Authors soon! 



  1. It would be neat to see how they are doing in the future!
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. What a wonderful Valentine's Day memory. Thanks so much for sharing

  3. That's so sweet! Mushy is good on Valentine's Day.

  4. How apt for a writer to realize her love is just her "type". LOL! What a lovely story.

  5. I also love Valentine's day stories. Made me cry - in a good way!

  6. I forgot to announce the winner, but they have been notified. It was: Debby