Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#Tuesday20 ~ When He Woke by Taylor Brooks

Welcome to the first ever "virgin" installment of the "Tuesday 20 with Taylor Brooks". Each Tuesday I will be bringing to you the first 20 sentences from works in progress or current releases from me and many other talent authors!

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Today I'm giving you a look at my most recent completed manuscript, "When He Woke"


Aaron Mayburn woke to the rhythmic sound of continuous beeping and swooshing sounds. His first attempt at opening his eyes had been wrought with a heaviness that came over him. He felt tired, like he hadn’t slept at all. Despite his fatigue he tried again, pushing aside his weakened state and forced his eyelids open.

He’d expected to be greeted by the bright glare of the sun, but instead he found himself in a dark room, immersed in surroundings that weren’t familiar to him. He scanned the large window and the adjacent walls as he tried to place where he ended up last night. None of it looked familiar and his memory of the night before seemed to be even more of a mystery than the room he was in.

He could still hear the beeping which was the first thing that roused him from his sleep. As he attempted to turn his head he felt an odd stiffness in his body. Every part of him ached as though he’d worked all of his muscles to the point of atrophy.

Was that what he had done last night? Had he gone to the gym and over done it? He usually knew his limits and had learned the hard way to pace himself. Even if he had gotten in a rough workout that didn’t explain how on earth did he wound up in this room, wherever it was.

Where was Matt? His eyes swept the room, looking for traces of him, but couldn’t see much more than the walls. The beeping was beginning to drive him crazy and he made a second attempt to turn his head once again.

After using all of his strength he managed to shift his body a little. He couldn’t understand why he felt so lethargic. Everything in his mind felt hazy and he didn’t feel like he had control over his own body.

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