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The Argonauts Fate, Guardians of the Light 3 by April Zyon #EroticRomance

24848053For the first time in her life Vivian Duffy is pushing herself to the limits of her abilities. With people dying in her city she seems to be the only one willing to dig for the answers when the evidence isn’t making any sense. But when her sister fits the profile of the killer Viv knows she may need to make some hard choices.

Jason has walked the Earth for more years than he cares to remember. Always with the singular goal of ensuring the safety of all the humans around him. Meeting the woman who was meant to be his was never even a consideration for him, not until Vivian crosses paths with him at the scene of a murder.

The Darkness is growing, spreading, and infecting the world. With the fate of his Vestal Virgin on the line, an Argonaut will do whatever’s needed to keep her safe.


“I know. There’s not a whole lot to go on. A few really old cases that may or may not be related, and then the two newest ones. I don’t have a clue if this is anything more than a wild goose chase,” Jason replied.

“Damn,” James breathed. “Well, I guess all we can really do is check them out and see if it was human killings, or if it was more. Really wish these assholes would leave us calling cards. Be so much easier in the long run.”

“Yeah, just what we need. The Evil Ones leaving calling cards at their murders. Then, we’d have the Feds on each of the cases, looking for a serial killer that apparently hops from one end of the country to the other and back again. Somehow, I don’t see that as something that would work out well for us.”

“No, I guess not,” James muttered. “So, which one do we want to look at first?”

“Given where we are, we’ll look at the scene that was out north of Jefferson Park Golf Club. It’s the closest,” Jason answered. “After that, we’ll head to the one that happened in the Lower Queen Anne district. I doubt there will be much left after all this time, but you never know.” They could get lucky, though he didn’t hold out much hope for that. It hadn’t done him a lot of good over the years.

Twenty minutes later, they were studying the scene a block north and slightly east of the golf club. As he’d surmised, there wasn’t a lot left beyond some scraggly pieces of police tape and stains on the concrete.

But Jason wasn’t really interested in the scene itself. Instead, it was what was around that counted. Moving to where the body had been found, he turned his back. He wanted to know what the victim, a young woman by the name of Katy, had seen in her last moments.

It wasn’t a horrible area, not by a long shot. A little wear and tear, but nothing that jumped out and screamed worst neighborhood on the planet. There was a bit of graffiti, but again, nothing that stated they were in gang territory, or a place most folks wouldn’t enter in the middle of the afternoon, let alone after dark.

For all intents and purposes, it was an average area, in an average American city, with nothing to make it stand out. Except for one thing. “We need to get Helen to pull the video feed from the night of the murder.”

“Wouldn’t the police have done that already?” James asked him.

“Possibly, likely even,” Jason said. “They’re not us, though, and they may not see what we will. Most humans don’t want to acknowledge the strange and unusual. Their minds automatically cover it up, and they play it off as a trick of the light, a shadow, or something else that allows them to sleep at night.”

“Good point.” His partner nodded. “Well, we might as well head to the next scene. Maybe there will be video around there, as well.”

Jason was hoping so on the drive into Lower Queen Anne. They needed a break on the case, if there really was one. Reaching the corner of West Republican Street and Second Avenue, they found a parking spot.

Climbing out of the SUV, Jason looked around. Apparently, luck was on their side this time. “We have cameras,” he announced.

James nodded. “So I see. I’ll call Helen and get her to do her thing. Be nice to know if we’re just dealing with a regular old killer or a Monster. Not that a regular killer is all that great, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.”

While James made the call back to The Mountain, Jason headed for the alley between buildings where the murder had occurred. Ten feet in, he stopped. The police tape that remained was in slightly better condition than at the last spot, but not a whole lot better. Turning, he gazed up at the buildings on each side.

A lot of windows, but given what was in each building and the time of night the young man, Vern, had been killed, there wouldn’t have been witnesses. Unfortunately, he didn’t think the video would be all that helpful, either, given where the cameras were located.

Walking back out to the street, he headed for the truck and James. The cowboy was off the phone and lounging back against the bumper, checking out women as they went past.

“Tell me you’re not checking out women on the street?”

“All right, I’ll tell you I’m not checking out women on the street,” James answered with a huge grin. “Even though I am checking them out. They are damn fine.” He nodded to another one, receiving a smile in return.

“Anyone ever mention you are—what is that quaint saying? Ah yes…you are a dog,” Jason said.

“Woof.” James grinned at him. “We done here?”

“Yes, there’s nothing to see. We’ll need to hope we get some video. Did you contact Helen?”

“She’ll be pulling it as soon as she can. She said she had to find it first, but will call as soon as she has something for us.”

“Good,” Jason said. “We might as well go to our hotel. I doubt we’ll get anything from her today, and quite honestly, I’m starving. They didn’t even have those little pouches of peanuts on the flight.”

“That’s because everyone’s all paranoid by the rise in allergies. They ditched the peanuts off flights, banned peanut butter from schools, and are coddling everyone. Too many people have turned into pansies. It’s deplorable,” James muttered with a sneer.

Jason wasn’t about to argue with him. Climbing into the truck, he put it in gear and got them moving toward their hotel. Food, a shower, and then sleep. In that order.
Adult Excerpt:

 “Damn, you’re so hot,” he groaned out. His mouth slid over her neck, followed by a light bite of his teeth. “And tight. So damn tight. You’re going to fit me like a glove. Perfect in every way.” He withdrew his fingers before adding another and pressing back in, stretching her more.
She writhed under him, her head thrashing from side to side. “I was made for you.” She lifted her leg and felt him slip deeper. “Oh, God.” She bit her lower lip and urged him on, “Please.”
“I find I have no patience right now. I need to be inside of you. Later, we’ll go slower, I swear it to you,” he said in a tight, strained voice. He pulled his hand from her body and gripped her leg, positioning it high over his hip. Then, Jason shifted his weight until she could feel his cock pressing to her opening before pushing in slowly.
“Fine with me,” Vivian whispered, holding him tightly. “Just don’t stop. No matter what, please, don’t stop.” Her body accepted his. She felt the way that he filled her, and she bit her lower lip, arching up and against him as she did so.
“Gods, no, I’m never going to stop,” he said softly. His fingers were squeezing her thigh gently, massaging the muscle. He pressed in deeper, pulled out a little, and then pushed in more. “Just like a fucking hot, wet, amazing glove,” he groaned.
“God, yes” was all that she could say. “Perfect.” She squeezed him tighter, tugged him closer, and sobbed his name aloud when he filled her completely. She felt odd, like nothing she had ever experienced before. It was almost as if there were ties binding them as their bodies joined for the first time. “Again,” she begged when he pulled out and slid into her hard and fast.
Shifting his weight, Jason caught her hands and pressed them up over her head, lacing their fingers together. With a firm hold on her, he began to thrust, slowly at first, but his hips began to move faster with each push. He was staring into her eyes as he took her, never letting her look away from his penetrating gaze, not that she even thought about it.
Vivian was captivated by this man. Every plunge of his body into hers had her moaning. Every move of his hard body against her softer one had her sobbing out in need. This was how making love should feel, and she knew it. She relished every touch, every bracing moment, for what it was. It was coming home. Her soul recognized his, her heart melted and was reformed with bits of him deeply imbedded inside of it. She never allowed her gaze to waver, just bit her lip and squeezed his large hands as they moved in perfect rhythm with each other.
He thrust harder, deeper, rattling the bed they were on as he clutched her fingers, then released them a little as he withdrew. “You are mine,” he whispered. “For all time, mine.” Not letting her gaze go, he leaned his head closer to bite her lip and tug.
She couldn’t agree more. “For all time. I am yours,” Vivian gasped out. She moaned again. Her legs tightened around his hips and squeezed. “And you are mine, Jason. For—” Another groan broke her speech. “For all time,” she panted. She felt something intense waiting in the shadows for them, felt the bonds binding them together, and it only made her want more. “Please,” she begged. She didn’t know what they needed, but saw in his eyes that he did.
“Not yet,” he breathed out, a smile curling his lips. “You will only come when I tell you you can. Until then, I want you to focus on the sensations.” Letting go of one of her hands, he pressed his free one to the bed, levering up a little.
“Oh, hell” was all that Vivian could say as he changed the angle of his penetration and demanded she wait for his command. She didn’t know why, but that turned her on even more. Just the way that he had ordered she wait had her whole being struggling to do just as he pleased. She focused on him, focused on the feel of him entering and leaving her body, and ignored everything else. Only he was important in that moment. Nothing and no one else.
“Touch your clit, stroke it, but do not come,” he commanded. His voice was deeper, harsher, his gaze sharper, it seemed. “Push yourself to the edge and hold there. Gods, you are gorgeous,” he growled out. He squeezed her hand as he rolled his hips, pushing in deeper.
She moved her free hand down their bodies to her clit. She arched back. “Jason, God.” She panted and bucked against him. She wanted to stroke his cock, wanted to put her fingers on each side of the thick shaft and squeeze so he could feel just how good this was for her, but she didn’t. He had told her what to do, and God help her, she was powerless to do any less.
“Good girl.” He gave a feral grin. “Slide your fingers down, rub at your folds, but don’t touch my cock.” He thrust in again and pulled out slowly, in hard, out slow, over and over again. His gaze flicked away then back up to meet her eyes again.
Vivian was panting as she did as instructed, the heel of her hand pushing against her clit while her fingers slid over the folds of her pussy. She could feel him as he filled her full and beyond and needed more. She didn’t stop watching him, her eyes on his, her need growing with each glance that he gave her. Each heated look. Everything was more than she could have ever experienced.
He let her other hand go, pressing it to the bedding as he sped up. He thrust in and out fast, as he growled. There was sweat dripping down his temples, along his throat, and over his chest. “Pinch your clit, hard, and come for me. Come now!”

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