Monday, July 21, 2014

Moonlighting is now available for pre-order

At just 26 years old, Dustin Wood found himself in near financial destitution. His student loans, combined with months of being out of work, force him to take a job dancing as an exotic dancer for an all male revue club downtown.
Colin McMahon is a well to do banker. As the Vice President of Loan Acquisitions department he's met his fair share of newbies in the banking world. One in particular catches his attention more than others.
After Colin and Dustin meet they form an instant chemistry. As strong as their feelings are, a wrench is thrown into their budding relationship which threatens to destroy everything. When a betrayal is revealed it threatens Colin and Dustin’s relationship. As the tension erupts they are forced to decide between forgiveness, or walking away forever. 

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“Tell me what you’re thinking,” Colin said.
“You have to ask?”
“I want to hear you say it.”
“A lot of things.”
“Like how fucking horny I am for you, for one.”
Colin offered up a sexy smirk and wrapped his fingers around Dustin’s cock. “Oh yeah?”
Dustin pointed down at the engorged flesh of his erection, which was decorated with a glistening drop of pre-cum right on top. “I’m hardly faking this.”
“Mmm…” Colin looked down and licked his lips once again. “I see that, and I have to admit, I like what I see.”
Oh come on! Colin, you’re killing me here.
For several seconds of what could only be described as cruel and unusual punishment, Colin looked up at Dustin while he methodically stroked his cock. His every movement seemed carefully planned out and precise, as if he was attending to every detail of his plan.
Dustin wanted to fuck Colin so bad he could almost feel the tears welling up behind his eyes from the desperation of it. If it was actually possible to cry like a baby from being too turned on, he was close to it.
“Tell me what you want,” Colin whispered.
The green of Colin’s eyes nearly sparkled with the promise of what was yet to come. Maybe Dustin really had been poisoned with magical unicorn dust, pulling him under Colin’s spell and hypnotizing him to do whatever he wanted.
Hell if he cared though. The man was too damn sexy to care about much of anything. He would probably dress up in a French maid costume if that was what Colin wanted. It would seem he was willing to do anything, just as long as Colin didn’t stop touching him.
“Cat got your tongue? I tell you that pesky pussycat is sure a problem.”
“It’s not pussy I’m interested in.”
Colin’s eyes widened at his brazen response. It wasn’t like him to be so blatant with his remarks. Brutal honesty usually wasn’t his thing. Shy and quiet was. The fire he saw blazing back at him from Colin’s eyes told him his slipup had been just fine with his teasing host.
“Tell me what you are interested in,” Colin said in a husky voice.
“You.” Suddenly nervous, he held back.
“Tell me more.”
“I already told you. You know I want you.”
“What exactly is it that you want from me?” There was a teasing glint, an unspoken challenge in Colin’s eyes.
“Jesus, are you really going to make me say it?”
“Mmm hmm.”
Colin licked his lips again and smiled at him. Damn, that lip licking should be made illegal or something. How was he supposed to refuse Colin anything when he used his tongue in such a goading manner?
“I want you to suck my cock.” There. He’d said it. Now if only Colin would grant his wish and do just that.
Colin dipped his head down and just before his lips were about to touch the head of his cock he looked back up at him. “A little tip about me…I may be tough at work sometimes, but I absolutely love it when I’m told what to do in the bedroom.”
Dustin opened his mouth to respond, but his words were stolen from him before he had a chance to utter a single one. Colin’s lips closed around the tip of his cock and he sucked the moisture that was leaking from him.
He closed his eyes and allowed his head to fall back, resting on the back of the couch. The lust he thought he felt for Colin had been nothing compared to what just shot through his body. Lightning bolts of electric heat coursed through his veins like they were on a mission of destruction.
With just that slightest touch he felt his balls draw up painfully tight, hugging the underside of his cock. His orgasm was lurking just below the surface and ready to explode. He clenched his hands into fists until his knuckles turned white. With every amount of concentration he had, he willed himself to hold on and not come yet.
His argument was futile at best. The heat of Colin’s mouth intensified when he opened it wider and took the length of Dustin back into the recesses of his throat. His lips, so soft, so firm and loving as they sucked and puckered around his cock while working his head in an up-and-down motion.
Dustin heard little moans coming from Colin and wondered how he could hear anything with the rate of his blood pressure. It was echoing inside his head like a snare drum. The rapid pounding of his heart increased with every second that passed.
Never had Dustin experienced a blow job that didn’t just suck him off, but licked at his soul. Maybe Colin actually was the devil, because what he was doing was utterly sinful, but in the best possible way.
Colin released his cock and it fell free from his mouth with a flop. He nearly groaned in protest like a greedy lover when he felt the cool air wash across his dick.
Remembering that Colin liked to be told what to do, he was about to demand he take that cock back in his mouth and suck it some more. That thought was short lived once he felt that same magical tongue swipe across his balls and suck one of the tight little rocks into his mouth.
Holy fuck! I’m not going to survive this.
The orgasm that was building would surely kill him in a fiery blaze of glory. Oh, but it would be one hell of a way to go.

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